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Wild Parsnip

This is a terrestrial plant Species that is very common in the WRISC region. The greatest contributor to its spread is due to improper management. As of now we are managing the populations that are present on private properties. I would say that the most common question that people have when we mention an invasive species would be that we would no be able

The Phsysiology and Ecology

This is where we would include the background, of the : What is looks like and likely of the plant at different stages of it's life cycle. The we would go into where you would most likely find it in our area and,, (this kind of information is kind of everywhere but could still need to include). Include an image of the range in our local area maybe our area.  Then we would write a small paragraph on the ecological disturbance that the invasive, ecologically, frequency, magnitude, and competitive advantage. 

Best Management Practices 

This is where we would include the information on the plant including: what our Best Management Practices , additional notes such as "Wild Parsnip is considered a a noxious weed" , "the sap is considered highly toxic". The we could include some of the biggest mistakes when managing the plant that we have seen in the past such as mowing the plant at the wrong timing (when the plant is in seed (image 3)). Then for this species we would recommend that you contact us if you think you have found it on your own private property. 


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