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American Silverberry
Elaeagnus commutata

Americna SilverBerry.png
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Plant It

American Silverberry is beautiful native species that can provide a lot interesting color while also providing a great food source for native wildlife. The plant is not only beautiful but it can grow in a variety of different conditions from sunny prairies, to shaded forests. Some of the ecological benefits of this plant include a food source for several browsing species from deer to moose. American Silverberry reproduces through underground root system called a rhizomes. This rhizome will also reduce soil erosion along shorelines. Rapid reproduction creates dense collection of stems that many species of mammals and bird utilize during the winter for shelter. Additionally the berries are  a great food source for birds and mammals in autumn. 
 Identification: (Montana Website)
  • Leaves are alternately arranged on the branches, with white color on the top and silvery under-side of leaf. 
  • The stems lack thorns,  and twigs will have white colored hairs.
Additional Resources: 
  • Management and Planting (NRCS)
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