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Invasive Plant Assosciation of Wisconsin

This is a great resource anyone in Wisconsin and would like o know more about would like to know more about invasive species present and restricted int he state of WI. 


Don't Move Fire

This is a link to a website that provides a lot of information on the transport of forest pest through the movement of firewood. The information includes that of Fre wood in both the U.S. and Canada


Midwest Invasive Species Network

This is a great resource any one interested in the list of invasive species in the area that and how to manage them on a small scale.  


Michigan DNR

The Michigan has a great variety of different invasive species that are known to pertain to Forest Health. 

MI DNR.png

Play Clean GO 

This is initiative that we have contributed to our local area. It is a great organization that is all about preventing the spread of invasive species by not transporting at all. 

PLaay Clran gO.png

Eyes On The Forest (MSU)

This website offer great information on invasive pests and their range within Michigan State. This initiative is directed by Michigan Sate Universtiy. 

eyes on Michgan Fores t.jpg
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