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Invasive Species
Cost Share Program

Program Background

WRISC has been offering management and control of priority invasive species for over a decade.  A vast majority of this control has been entirely grant-funded and provided at no cost to landowners.

However, as time goes on, it is becoming difficult for WRISC to secure grant funding to cover the costs of follow-up treatments at sites that have already been managed for several years.  WRISC understands the importance of these retreatment activities, not only to protect our investment of previous management but also to ensure the success of the management in the long term to prevent these species from returning to pre-management levels.

Therefore, WRISC has developed an invasive species retreatment cost-share program. With funding from WE Energies’ Mitigation and Enhancement Fund, WRISC will be able to offer retreatment management of priority invasive species at a 1:1 cost-share rate for any landowners that have received at least two (2) years of free, grant funded treatment from WRISC in the past.



To be eligible, your property must: 

  • be located within WRISC's management area

  • have received two (2) years of grant funded treatment from WRISC  

  • contain an infestation of a priority invasive species as the management target


The following documents are required for submission: 

  • Cost Share Program Application 

  • Landowner Permission Form

  • Proof of Property Ownership

Cost Share Rate
& Payment

The current cost share rate is approximately 1:1, with a current standard base rate of $250.00 for the 2024 season. 

An estimate will be prepared during the initial site visit (requires signature) and the landowner will be required to make payment within one month from the date of treatment. 

This document details the program information, including eligibility, cost share rates and payment, program timelines, etc. 

This is the current application to enroll in the cost-share program. 

Fact sheet of key program features. 

This is the Landowner Permission Form which much be submitted with the Cost Share Application


Questions about the
Cost Share Program? 

Contact us! 
(906) 774-1550 x102

Thank you! 

This program is made possible thanks to funding from the WE Energies Mitigation and Enhancement Fund

Please complete the form below and attached your completed application form (available for download above). 

Upload File

Thanks for applying!

Submit an Application

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