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WRISC-y Business 

Did you know? WRISC staff and activities are funded entirely by grants and donations! Therefore, WRISC is constantly exploring new projects and applying for new funding. Check out our current projects completion page below. And be sure to check back for updates and new projects! 

Project Highlights

Here's a quick view of our
annual accomplishments! 

 Saving SOGL- Wisconsin Department Natural Resources: Natural Buffer Project

Screenshot (2).png

      WDNR seeks to utilize the CISMA partnership to enhance the State’s invasive species management by connecting with private landowners adjacent to public natural areas. Managing invasive species populations in this area will serve as a buffer. This may involve funds for monitoring of Wisconsin local natural reserves and areas. 

EPA- UP RC&D Partner Proposal - UP Wide Phragmites Project.

Screenshot (5).png

     This Project's focuses on the surveying and management of populations of phragmites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This project is mostly within Dickinson. This project focuses on the management of phragmites within the Lake Superior Watershed which only includes the northern portion of Dickinson county. 

WE Energies MEF -Purple Loosestrife Management on the Michigamme River

Screenshot (5).png

      This is a joint project with several other groups in the Upper Peninsula Michigan area. During this project timeline we will be removing Purple Loosestrife along a 26 mile stretch of the Michigamme River. The removal of Purple Loosestrife has predominantly been pulled by hand, but there is a likelihood of implementing Purple Loosestrife Beetle (Galerucella).

WE Energies- Sustainable Programming for Invasive Species Management

Screenshot 2023-04-18 13.16.48.png

     This project is in progress to develop and implement a cost share program to create a  long-term standing programs to be both more successful and sustainable. 
Provided funding construction of the Purple Loosestrife beetle Rearing Station.  

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative- Boat Wash

Screenshot (3).png

     WRISC's longest running program works to protect our local waters from AIS. We communicate with boaters on incentivizing practices such as Clean, Drain, Dry. This project is what allows us to pay for signage at boat launches. It also provides funding so we can talk to boaters about prevention measures. 

USFS CWMA- Buffer Zone Project

Screenshot (6).png

     This project will similarly to involve the surveying and mapping of a buffer around all federal and state natural areas. We will also be prioritizing treatment and surveying within those zones. We will also utilize this funding for the messaging and resources on invasive species management.  

USFS- Pathways Education: Pathway Publicity- Raising Awareness through Media Outreach

Screenshot (3).png

     This grant funding will be used in our campaign to raise awareness of pathways and prevention of invasive species in a " Call to Action" effort. To get the word out we will be implementing billboards, videos of work in the field, and recorded webinars. 

MISG Core Funding: 

Screenshot 2023-04-18 13.16.48.png

     This kind of funding is provided each year and is essential to helping WRISC expand our understanding of the running this kind of organization and generating new ideas. In the warmer months this funding will assist us in responding to pioneer populations of Oriental Bitter sweet and European Frog-bit. 

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