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Michigan Department  of Natural Resources 

If you are interested in aquatic invasive species Michigan. There is tons of information on aquatic invasive species. 

MI DNR.png
Stop Aquatic Hitchikers 

 Stop Aquatic Hitchhiker is national incentive that is designed prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species that are transported through bilge water of recreational boats. 

Stop Aqautic Hitch hikers.png
Invasive Mussel Collaborative

If you are interested in the management and treatment of invasive mussel. These species in several locations and spreading into local inland lakes.

Zebra Mussel 1.jpg
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

There is lots of information also available on the Wisconsin DNR website. Including information on restricted and prohibited species. 

Great Lakes Detector of Invasive Aquatic Species in Trade  

This is an initiative to prevent the release of aquatic species into the wild. Other similar state organizations include. 


WI: Habitattiude

Great Lake Hydrilla Collaborative 

This is a resource that is great on the management of a harmful species called hydrilla that boaters should be aware of in the Great Lakes region. 

Hydrilla resource.jpeg
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