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High Bush Cranberry
Viburnum trilobum

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Plant it

Although High bush cranberry may look, smell, and taste similar to they are actually not the same. This shrub is a tall growing about 8-15ft tall and support wildlife year round. Its flowers in the spring attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. During the Growing season the plant is a larval host for the Spring azure butterfly. During the fall you'll see the beautiful bright red berries that are highly nutritious for birds. If you want the highest berry production we recommend planting this plant along with several other individuals. Highbush Cranberry can tolerate a wide range of different soils and amount of shade. Highbush Cranberry provide wildlife value, screening, and beautiful transitions throughout the seasons, which makes it a great plant for your landscape.  
Identification: (Minnesota Wildflower)
  • Leaves are flat or slightly rounded at the stem, then has three lobes that resemble a red maple leaf.
  • flowers are in cluster two different kinds on is flat with 5 white petals. The inner flowers are super small and much more abundant. 
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