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Blue-Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium angustifolium

blue0eyed grass.png

Plant It

Blue-Eye Grass there is a this pant is a beautiful native species that we recommend defiantly planting in or near by your lawn. This species does not require very fertile soil as long as you give it lots of sun. blue-eye is regularly attracts pollinating insects as well as bird species. the plant also easily repopulates with seed production or the the replication through the growth of underground rhizomes. these all the plant to grow rapidly. The plant can even behave very similar to turfgrass used in lawns. This is done simply done by cutting the flowers when you see it start growing. doing this will make the plant put more energy into the growth and reproduction of the underground roots. 
 Identification: (Minnesota Wildflowers)
  • Leaves are linear and wide they also grow from the base of the plant 
  • The flower is blue with yellow center, the flowers stem is also flattened. 
Additional Resources: 
  • Growing and Management (UWM)
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