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Tree of Heaven 
Rhus typhina

Tree of Heaven .png
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Trash it 

Tree of Heaven is the only plant on this list that is not recognized as an invasive species locally in MI or WI. However, there is a reason that this plant is prohibited in the state of Wisconsin. This is because the Tree of Heaven is very hardy and is capable of spreading into several different landscapes. One issue is that it may out compete some other species of low lying plants and invade road sides or forest edges. Secondly, it is important to consider the fact that it attracts a more harmful invasive species being the Spotted Lantern Fly. This is a very harmful insect species that feed on sap of several different trees, but prefers the taste of tree of Heaven. With this in mind if you plant Tree of Heaven contribute to the introduction of Spotted Lantern fly. 
 Identification: (WIGL)
  • Leave are 1-3ft long, with 11-25 leaflets. edge of the lead is smooth. 
  • Flwoers are yellow, and for upright clusters in June. 
  • Seeds are flat, twisted, winged, and hang from upper branches. 
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