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Autumn Olive 
Elaeagnus umbellata

autumn olive.png

Trash It 

Autumn Olive is an ornamental invasive that basically is every. If you learn to recognize it then you will see it is on several road sides, naturals areas, and sometimes parks. The reason for this is because of how many people planted it in their property. This plant was planted even planted by the Michigan DNR prior to knowing that it was an invasive species. The reason for this was because it was thought that this plant would reduce erosion along streambanks. This easily takes over areas with full or partial sunlight and the plant can outcompete other native plants. On top of that the berries are consumed by birds which can disperse the plant far distances. 
 Identification: (Michigan DNR)
  • Leaves are oval shaped, wavy and has a silvery underside. 
  • It is typically lots of stems, and branches are thorny.
Additional Resources: 
  • Ecological Impacts (Nature Conservancy)
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