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Staghorn Sumac 
Rhus typhina

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Plant it

Some may call Staghorn sumac a critical shrub. This is because its ability to provide habitat for several different species of wildlife. Although it grows pretty tall reaching roughly 30ft and foliage sprawls far off the branches. The plant also is a emergency food source for many mammals and over 30 species of bird. They each use the seeds and berries in the harsh winter months.  These berries remain on the plant all winter long and are released in the spring. If you want this kind of plant in your garden you can plant somewhere that get a lot of sun or partial shade. The plant can also tolerate a moderate amount of disturbance. 
 Identification: (Michigan State University)
  • The leaves are 2ft long and contain about 9-25 different leaflets. Also there is are small hairs on the leaflets
  • The flowers are white to yellow, then turn into red furry berries from fall to spring. 
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