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Burning Bush
Euonymus alatus

burning bush .png

Trash It 

You may have seen this plant before and recognize it as an ornamental plant. This is because its beautiful leaf color in the fall being bright red make people want to plant it. Burning bush is also hardy in several different conditions which allow the plant to be in most ornamental gardens. This plant is however not only successfully invasive because lots of people plant it, but burning bush grows fast and produces lots of seeds. Similar to many other ornamental plants the seeds are dispersed by birds. These seeds make their way into the local forests. Then the plant quickly out grows almost any native species. To make this plant even more successful deer or other browsing animals tend to avoid it. 
 Identification: (MISIN)
  • The plant is about 15-20ft, rounds canopy. 
  • leaves are simple, 1-3in long and 1/4-1/2 in wide with fine serrations on margin. 
  • The stems actually have the flat and thin protrusion growing lateral or horizontally off the stem. 
Additional Resources: 
  • Ornamental Status in Great Lakes region. (WIGL)
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