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Gypsophilia spp.

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Trash It

This beautiful plant is discreetly an invasive species. This plant has been used in gardens or found in bouquets. These introductions allow the plant to infest new areas if not disposed of properly. This plant has been discovered the sale in windflower seed mixes. Similar to many other invasive plants, this flower crowds out native plants and does not supply nutritional food for wildlife. Their invasive tendency is concern to sand barren ecosystems that are rare to the region. This plant leads people to be disappointed when the unique ecosystems infested with this species. Our organization is currently surveying for this kind of invasive species around the Dunbar barrens (WI), so if you find this plant, please contact us. 
Identification: (MISIN profile)
  • Lance-shaped leaves, with pointed tip. The leaves are arranged opposite from each other.
  • Flowers are at the tip of the stem, with 5 small white petals. 
Other references:
  • Baby's Breath as an invasive species, (NMISN)
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