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Bluejoint Grass
Calamagrostis canadensis

Blue joint grass stem.webp
blue joint grass.webp

Plant It

Bluejoint grass is a hardy long living native plant species that is that can be seen all year in some cases. This plant also tends to grow in saturated prairie habitats, and will regenerate utilizing an underground rhizomes. This kind of characteristic will allow the plant to regenerate and expands its coverage year after year. Birds are also known to prefer this plant for nesting in its clusters or stem above the ground.  If you are looking for a species to restore a habitat or something native to occupy some land this may be the plant for you.   
Identification: Minnesota Wildflowers
  • Leaves or less than 1/2 in wide. can have a blue green color on the leaves. 
  • There are typically several stems originating from a large cluster. 
  • The seed head has small and slender branches coming off th top of the plant. 
Additional resources: 
  • Plant guide: NRCS
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