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Canada Milk-vetch
Astragalus canadensis

Canada Milkvetch.png

Plant It 

If you're looking for a unique looking plant that will turn heads and attract pollinating insects to your garden then Canada Milk-vetch might be the species for you. This plant will growing best in well drained soils. The plant is also great for your garden because it is known to fix nitrogen in the soil. This means the plant stores a particular kind of bacteria that is increase the amount of valuable fertilizing nutrients. Not only does it add nutrient to the soil it also is capable of retaining the soil and reduce erosion of your garden. The flowers are also are really beautiful they and create a different. 
Identification: (Minnesota Wild Flowers)
  • ​Long pinnate or fern-like leaves, with 15-30 leaflets that get smaller in size along the leaf. 
  • The has collection of bright yellow flowers, that are roughly 6in long.
Additional Resources:
  • Rare Occurrences: (NMU)
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