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Common Boneset
Eupatorium perfoliatum


Plant It!

Common Boneset a historically common medicinal plant that can serve as garden icon. This plant is choice with its ability to attract lots of insects. The insects it attracts include a variety of pollinating insects, but also predatory insect that will prey on garden pests. This benefit will help the rest of garden flourish and provide a subsistence for native organisms. This plant may prefer moisture and shade. However, when established Common Boneset will continue to regenerate underground with rhizomes. This plant has also been used in rain gardens to even reduce erosion. It is common to see pesky insects grazing on this plant, so planting in high densities may reduce the likely overgrazing. 
Identification: (Plant Wild)
  • Stem is fuzzy and thin, plant may look top heavy. 
  • Leaves attached around the stem on opposing sides of stem. . 
  • The flowers also look fuzzy and are in small white clusters. 
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