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Japansese Stiltgrass
Microstegium vimineum

Japanese Stiltgrass.png
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Trash It

Japanese Stilt grass is a very concerning invasive specie although not found in upper Michigan or northern Wisconsin and still sold as an ornamental species in some states. This plant is recognized as one of the worst invasive species for forest habitats. Japanese stiltgrass will completely take over the understory of any forest habitat out competing anything else that is present. Also, animals such as deer will not browse on this plant and actually consume the other native species preferable which will give the invasive species an advantage. The lost in plant diversity can also have a significant impact on habitat and food availability for wildlife. 
 Identification: (USDA)
  • Plant is sprawling, 3.5 ft in height,
  • Leaves are lanced shape with a silvery line going down the middle of the leaf.  
Additional Resources: 
  • Management and Planting (NRCS)
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