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Red Chokeberry 
Prunus virginiana

Common Choke Berry .png

Plant it

Red Choke Berry is one of the best native alternatives for people. This plant grows a beautiful canopy that is about 6-12ft tall. The plant also produces rich and beautiful flowers that are important pollinators for bees and butterflies. Once these plants are strong in their growing season they become an important food source for deer who browse on it's leaves and berries. Several other animals utilize the berries such as small mammals and birds. The plant produces so many berries that in some cases people grow and cultivate the plant to make Choke berry juice. The plant will also create a beautiful collection of bright red leaves that add some eye catching color to you property. Red Chokeberry can grow in a variety of soils and does best in full sun. 
 Identification: (Lady bird Johnson)
  • Alternately arranged on the stem, with ovate shape and small serrations on the edge of the leaf
  • The flowers have white petals and red anthers 
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