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Gout Weed
Aegopodium podagraria

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White snake root is common understory plant that you may have seen weed. However, this is no weed and actually serves an important role in the environment. This is the plant blooms in Autumn which is vital for providing food for pollinating insects at this time of the year. White Snakeroot is a great food source for many insects which contribute to the food that is available for bird species. Historically the plant was looked at a weed because it's toxicity to livestock and people. With modern practices this is a much less concerning issue. The plant is also very adaptable to several kind of soil conditions and tolerant to a considerable amount of shade. To make the plant even more hearty it also grows a rhizome under the ground to grow.  Overall the plant will do very well in forested areas, and provide some beauty to the understory. 
 Identification: ( Minnesota Wildflowers)
  • Leaves are Triangular, 2-6ins long with course teeth on long point at the end of the leaf. 
  • The plant will grow collections of 10 of small flowers that are (1/6in)
Additional Resources: 
  • Toxicity Warnings: (USDA)
  • Planting and ecology (___)
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