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Gout Weed
Aegopodium podagraria

Gout Weed.jpg

Trash It 

Gout weed may be called many different things by people, and many people are not be aware it may take over your forested properties. Whatever you may call this plant it is reproduces very rapidly2r. The plant is able to do this because it grows a network of roots that connect each other called rhizome. This allows occupy shaded areas and can out compete other herbaceous plants or tree saplings. The roots are also known to alter soil chemistry. Each of these conditions greatly decrease the amount of plant diversity in the local habitat. Overall this plant may look eye catching at first but it may end up completely taking over. 
Identification: (MISIN)
  • Leave in groups of three with serrate margins. The cultivated specimens will have white fringe, while, naturalized individual will have light green color. 
  • It also does occasionally produce flowers that are very small and in clusters that make a dome shape. 
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