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Chamaenerian angustifolium 


Plant It !

Fireweed is a great native alternative all around. Not only is this a gorgeous plant that can quickly establish, especially after any disturbance. This plant will make a beautiful collection of natural vegetation while eventually getting populated by other native plant species. Its bright flowers attract pollinators, and its leaves provide food for wildlife. Since it does best near a shoreline habitat, it can stabilize erosion on your property. If you are really into native plant alternatives, you can use this plant's leaves in teas, jellies, or syrups.  
Identification: (Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center)
  • leaves are narrow, arranged opposite of each other on stem.
  • Flowers are pink, with 4 or 5 petals, and grow extended off the stem. 
  • The seeds of this plant are white and fluffy, to disperse in the wind. 
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