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Japanese Knotweed
Fallopia Japonica

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Trash it!

Japanese Knotweed is a seriously aggressive invasive plant species. Introduced to give people privacy in their backyards, it can seriously threaten people and the environment. Its aggressive root system can grow through people's foundations and fencing. The leaves shade out their neighbors. The plant's slender baboo-like stalk can grow very tall. Japanese Knotweed is also commonly called "bamboo" or "Michigan bamboo". This plant also grows taproots that can reach about 7ft. In addition, the plant can regenerate from a fragment of any part of the plant. We do not recommend managing this species without proper herbicide certification. Mowing this can distress the plant, which will cause it to grow "runners" under the ground. These "runners" will grow in various directions that can actually create an entire new adult individual.    
Identification: (Michigan DNR
  • Leaves are spade shape and grow about 12in long from base to tip.
  • Stems is segmented, slender, and hollow like bamboo. 
  • The branches grow in zig-zag pattern.
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