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Invasive  Phragmites
Phragmites ausstretalis

Phragmites near dock.jpg
Trash It
Phragmites is one species that no body wants to deal with. This plant grows in extremally thick stands wherever there is consistent moisture and some kind of disturbance in the soil. The plant is extremely prolific and can produce thousand's of seeds through the wind, and reproduce underground rhizomes that even can grow on the waters surface. With such thick stands it crowds out any other plant species, which, greatly alter the flow or streams, shorelines, and ditches. Phragmites is a very serious problem throughout the entire Great Lakes region. These kinds of changes in the habitat make the area undesirable for any kind of wildlife. Not all Phragmites is bad there are some look-a-likes that are found in natural or undisturbed areas. For more information contact us or click the link below. Once this plant get onto your property it is very difficult to treat as well.
Identification: (MISIN)
  • Leaf's are blade like, 10-20ins long and about an inch wide. The leaf color is a hint of grayish -blue.
    The seeds hea
    d is very dense, and grows about 8-13ft tall.
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