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Red-osier Dogwood
Cornus sericea

red dogwood.jpg

Plant it!

Here is a tolerable plant to varying levels of sun exposure and soil moisture, although it tends to prefer full sun and wet soils. This plant is best for someone looking for privacy, as it grows very dense and is about 9ft tall. Also, if you live near a creek, Red-osier Dogwood can reduce soil erosion. Its red-colored bark in the winter will also look great. Not only that, but its flowers supply nectar for multiple pollinating insects. The leaves are a food supply for the Spring azure caterpillar. This Dogwood species grows fast, so you can let it reproduce through the growth of underground structures. You may manage the population by clipping the stems and sticking them in the ground. Also, get excited to see more birds in your neighborhood because their berries and leaf buds are a tasty food source for several bird species. 

Identification: (Minn. BWSR)
  • Long stems, red in color with white specs on surface
  • Flower clusters are white and small clusters.
  • rings at base of stem. 
  • leave are 2in long, and grow on opposite sides of stem. 
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