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Winterberry Holly
Ilex verticillata


Plant it!

Winterberry Holly is a great backyard plant if you love bird watching. Birds can be great for managing populations of backyard pests. This plant also attracts butterflies int he spring with small but nectar full flowers. Winteberry Holly can live in most places but do best in a moist loamy soil. Winterberry Holly is a dioecious plant meaning that only female plants will produce their signature berry if pollinated by insects. We recommend planting at least one male and female on your property if you are more interested in the berries. Male individuals can fertilize up to approximately ten female plants, and nearby plants may provide pollen. This plant is happy because pests are not a common threat.  
  • Leaves are oval shape with point at end
  • Berries are in bright red clusters and turn yellow in fall.
  • Berries will be seen on bare branches in winter when leave fall off. 
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