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Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition

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The Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition (WRISC) is a cooperative invasive species partnership operating in northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The partnership consists of a wide range of partners and members from local, state, tribal, and federal agencies, land managers, utility companies, civic organizations, businesses, and individuals, all interested in the education and management of invasive species in the five county WRISC area. 

Non-native invasive species can have devastating ecological and economic impacts to communities.  Industries such as forestry, agriculture, and outdoor recreation are all at risk, as are native fish and wildlife habitats.  Invasive species are often widely dispersed across the landscape, and do not respect geopolitical boundaries.  As such, this coalition strives to combine multi-agency resources and expertise to coordinate education and management of invasive species across borders, promoting best management practices that will help to slow the spread of these invaders.  

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Click on the Pinder profile to go to our page that showcases our Pinder profiles, each one was designed to tell you should plant or trash a particular plant. 

WRISC by the Numbers

For more project highlights visit our Projects Page! 


Formal Partners believe in WRISC's mission and make our work possible by offering time, labor, expertise, money, and support! 

(as of 2019)

WRISC diligently serves the invasive species needs of Forest, Florence, & Marinette Counties in WI, and Dickinson & Menominee Counties in MI.

(since 2010)

WRISC works in both Michigan and Wisconsin, and is the ONLY multi-state CISMA in the Country! 

(since 2010)

WRISC's Invasive Species Strike Team works hard each year to utilize integrated management to stop the spread of invasive species. 

(since 2014)

Our crews regularly survey our area to identify invasive species locations  & stop their spread through Early Detection Rapid Response efforts. 

(since 2014)
People Contacted 
Through CBCW

WRISC's Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW) program has been able to educate numerous boaters & anglers on proper AIS prevention steps!

(since 2014)

We appreciate your support! 

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