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2024 Invasive Species Week!

National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) is here!

Every year at the end of February, there is a nation-wide effort to raise awareness of invasive species and their impacts. Through social media, workdays, and webinars professionals in the invasive species field help spread the word (not the problem)!

This year, Wild Rivers ISC will once again be hosting a webinar series during NISAW. Our core staff will share topics of interest in short pre-recorded webinars which can be accessed on our website at any time.

This year's line up includes: Unintended Consequences (K. Mentel); Monitoring Aquatic Invasive Species (T. Norris); and Adaptive Management Planning (L. Peterson).

Screenshot of powerpoint presentation, with dark green background and aerial image of forest. Text header: Wild Rivers ISC, Title: Invasive Species - Unintended Consequences; Footer: NISAW 2024

Screenshot of powerpoint presentation with blue-purple background. Title: Monitoring Aquatic Invasive Species; Subtitle: Strategies for the detection & monitoring of aquatic invasive species

Screenshot of powerpoint presentation with green leafy branch with berries as the background image. Title: Adaptive Management Planning for Invasive Species; footer includes image of Wild Rivers ISC logo, with text reading Lindsay Peterson, Coordinator, Wild Rivers ISC

To view the webinars, simply go to:

To find more resources being shared during NISAW, follow us on social media, search #NISAW, or visit

Have a topic of interest that you'd like to hear more about? Let us know! We'd love to provide more webinars in 2024, so let us know what topics you want us to explore!

What webinar topics do you want Wild Rivers ISC to explore in 2024?

  • Early Detection Species

  • Invasive Species & Climate Change

  • Restoration

  • Management Techniques

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