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Hitting the trails in 2021? See where WRISC has surveyed in the past and tell us where to go next!

If you are an avid ATV/ORV recreationist, please take a moment to fill out our survey! For the past couple of years, WRISC has been surveying for invasive species on ATV/ORV trails in our Michigan and Wisconsin counties, as these can become major pathways for invasive species spread. In total WRISC has surveyed around 180 miles so far! In 2021, WRISC is looking to survey the most popular and heavily-used areas in our 5 county area. In order to accomplish this goal, we are asking for your help! Follow the link below to provide us with some valuable information that will help us to target the trails that people are using most.

Check out the map below to see which ATV trails WRISC has surveyed in the past!

We appreciate any input on where you would like to see us survey and can't wait to get out enjoy the local trails while helping to stop the spread of invasive species!

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