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WRISC has a new Team Member!

Over the summer, Tyler Norris accepted the position of WRISC Project Manager after initially being hired as a seasonal Watercraft Inspector. We could not be happier to have him on board!

Tyler is originally from Livonia, a town located near the City of Rochester, New York. He attended SUNY ESF ( The State University New York for Environmental Science and Forestry), and graduated with a degree in Conservation Biology and a minor in Marine Biology. Already, Tyler has had a busy first season doing watercraft inspections, surveying and treating invasive species, helping with events and classroom presentations, and taking the lead on conducting entire lake surveys.

When asked what interested him in taking a position with WRISC, Tyler said "One thing that made me interested in this position was the location. After getting my degree in the City of Syracuse, I wanted to move somewhere that was surrounded by nature. Secondly, I was interested in working for a non-profit organization like WRISC because of the experience and skills that I would gain working in a professional setting. I am also excited to conduct survey work and understand how time and resources have to be allocated to gather the amount of data necessary for a useful ecological survey. Additionally, I look forward to coordinating management projects and analyzing the data that we have collected during our field season."

Outside of work, Tyler loves to stay active by hiking, bike riding, or going to the gym for a nice swim. When out in nature, Tyler loves to observe the local wildlife.

Welcome to the WRISC Team!

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